Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course

The CTOMS Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course has been a solution to high threat civilian casualty care for many police forces and federal agencies internationally for a few years now. This course is not a repackaged military TCCC program with different pictures. It has been designed from the ground up with medical professionals and end-users to meet the specific needs of the civilian high threat environment. 

The POD™ Survival Course has  8 hours of online training filled with lessons, videos and realistic treatment protocols that address the uncontrolled and chaotic realities of the Tactical Trauma Care (TTC™). The POD™ Survival course is intended to be delivered in an online format to the front line officer with a series of practical confirmation directed under the watchful eye of specially-trained agency level POD™ Survival Facilitators

Canadian, eh?! “At the Special Operations Medical Association Conference in Tampa, Florida in 2012, retired Navy Captain Frank Butler presented his annual update on TCCC, making the statement that only the U.S. Army Rangers and the Canadian Armed Forces have established an estimated 100% capture of preventable combat deaths.” Cited Article This was due, in no small part, to the partnership between CTOMS and the Canadian Armed Forces during the War in Afghanistan. 

How does this help the Whiskey Delta Gulf Blog reader? That same experience, ingenuity and innovation is available online to you.The Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course is an OPEN access training program. Open to LEOs, Paramedics, First Responders, Security Professionals, First Aiders and Civilians. Whiskey Delta Gulf and CTOMS has partnered to bring the CTOMS Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course to you at a 20% discount. Use coupon code WDG-PODS20 when you enroll online. 

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Interested in having your Police Officer Down™ (POD™) Survival Course validated by WDG, ensure you joined the 'Whiskey Delta Gulf' under agency when creating a profile. Registering as an 'Individual' or other Agency will not preclude practical validation by us but your membership in our learning group will facilitate personalized learning.

Use coupon code WDG-PODS20 when you enroll online for a 20% discount.

High threat environments are chaotic, scary and unforgiving for the untrained. Control the Chaos. Leave Nothing to Chance.

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