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Perroz Designs CoolMax Performance Shirt

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Perroz Designs is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is wholly Canadian owned and operated tactical gear manufacturer. Recently, I received one of their CoolMax Performance Shirts as part of an introduction to the company’s products.

These T-shirts are made from COOLMAX® EXTREME. Perroz Designs has added a 4" x 4" of color matching loop Velcro® onto the left shoulder sleeve for IFF or morale patches. The corners of loop Velcro® have been rounded to avoid hooking and rolling over time. They are available in Original Drab and Mud Hut


COOLMAX® EXTREME fabric wicks perspiration away from the skin through the fabric so it can evaporate quickly. This natural thermoregulatory effect of moisture evaporation reduces skin temperature. COOLMAX® EXTREME is  the premier quality COOLMAX® fabric.

“2008 research conducted by Strategic Insights Inc., shows that 69 percent of avid runners and 69 percent of avid golfers said that a garment with COOLMAX® fabric is “much better” than a garment with another type of moisture management. For the avid runners, 57 percent of them said that COOLMAX® fabric makes running shorts or pants "much more desirable" while 64 percent indicated the original wicking fabric would make running shirts "much more desirable". For the golf group, 41 percent of avid golfers are likely to own golf shirts with COOLMAX® fabric and 55 percent of this same group indicated that COOLMAX® fabric makes golf shirts “much more desirable.” From the COOLMAX® website. 
Initial Impressions

It is a CoolMax Tshirt. No big deal, right?! I wore this shirt to the range the day on a hot, humid August day immediately after receiving it. It was comfortable and kept me dry and cool. I ran tactical drills for a couple hours and I really did feel quite comfortable. The wicked perspiration had dried by the time we cleaned up and got back into our vehicle. No sticky drive home!

Continued Use

Since my initial range day, I have worn this shirt running, rucksack marching and doing other light tactical training. COOLMAX® EXTREME really does live up to its claims. It has been washed multiple times. The shirt does not retain any perspiration scent which is common with wicking fabric. The expertly sewn a 4" x 4" patch of loop Velcro® has remained solidly in place with no curling of the edges. I have worn this shirt under my CADPAT uniform with increased comfort.

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Bottom Line

I wish I had this shirt in Afghanistan. Expect to hear more about Perroz Design and their products in the coming months from this blog.

Take Care Out There

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