Monday, 25 March 2013

Handgun Training: Resources and Targets

‘It is in most shooter’s best interest to become as proficient as possible with a handgun. The reasons are very simple; because of amount of concealed carry permits issued around the country most people are most likely to use a handgun in a lethal encounter. In addition, sight alignment and trigger control are most difficult to master with a handgun so this causes a trickle down effect; the better you become with a handgun you are automatically becoming a better shooter with virtually every other small arm.’
-Larry Vickers, MSG, US Army (Ret)

Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm VTAC
The object of this year's training concentration

Monday, 18 March 2013

Ladies Only: She Wee

“Why squat, when you can stand?”

As a female medical operator working in many different environments, I can honestly say that women are at a disadvantage,anatomy wise, when “Nature” calls. Being out in the middle of an open plain with no bushes or any kind of concealment with your crew of male counter parts, it is very discouraging as well as inconvenient when you have to urinate.

A great solution to this problem that I have purchased is the “She Wee”. It essentially is a funnel designed to fit the female anatomy so that you are able to stand up to urinate without the hassle of taking down your pants. This apparatus can  accommodate multi layers of clothing simply by adding an extension to the end of the funnel.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Make Ready with John Chapman: NVG/IR Skill Builder

Recently Panteao Productions and John Chapman have released: Make Ready with John Chapman: NVG / IR Skill Builder in DVD format. Panteao Productions produces instructional videos taught by proven leaders and instructors within the tactical industry. While video training will never replace a professional applied curriculum under the watchful eye of an instructor, training time and funds are always at a premium. The name of their instructional video series is “Make Ready”; produced in a one-on-one training layout. The videos are available in DVD, Blue Ray and internet streaming format. Panteao is currently planning release of their ‘Make Ready” series for iOS and Android platforms.

Monday, 4 March 2013

BUIS: Back Up Iron Sights

Photo from CF Combat Camera
I have noticed a disturbing  trend; soldiers deploying to hostile areas with only a primary sight on their weapon. Those little rubber nubs, that get worn off within a week, on the C79 optical sight are not enough. The Canadian Forces issues a plastic fixed sight with a flip apertures which is more than adequate.  There is much higher quality back up iron sights on the market as well. In some cases, the Quarter Master may be out of the issue back up sights. However, most of these soldiers are dripping with personal purchased equipment but not a decent set of BUIS. I will assume it has never been impressed upon them the importance of a redundant sighting system.