Monday, 19 October 2015

Sling Stowage

A sling is to a rifle what a holster is to a pistol. A good combat sling is a minimum requirement for a functional baseline. During vehicle based operations, a sling can hinder a rapid egress. A loose sling will catch on every corner or hook as you try to debus! Fact. Murphy’s Laws of Combat. Imagine trying to exfil in a rolled over, gear strewn everywhere burning and filled with smoke vehicle.

Monday, 5 October 2015

"Support Side Shooting" with Gunslinger Roland

This commentary was published by Gunslinger Roland in a private training forum. With his permission, I share it here for others. -Whiskey Delta Gulf

"I don't switch hands shooting pistol based on cover. BUT I do shoot a lot of weak hand only pistol because I have suffered a complete fracture of my humerus. I have experienced an arm dangling from my shoulder and bending forward in the middle of my upper arm. I bent over to collect some of my kit off the ground and seeing the sheer uselessness of that arm and hand as a result of the break.