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Whiskey Delta Gulf is another blog about Tactical Medicine, Tactical Training, Tactical Gear, Outdoor Gear, Firearms and their Accessories. This is a bit of an oversaturated blog market.What separates Whiskey Delta Gulf from other blogs of this type?

Experience. Infantryman turned Medic turned Physician Assistant. Been to the Balkans a few times. Been to the Sandbox a few times. Dropped some brass and got my gloves bloody. A Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, First Aid Instructor and Tactical Firearms Instructor for the military and private companies.

Innovation. "What worked yesterday would be fine, if it was yesterday." I heard this at a fairly high speed low drag training venue that I have had the pleasure to take part in a few times. To be effective as an armed professional, whether shooter or medic, you need to constantly improve skills, training, and capabilities. Constantly climbing the ladder of excellence, this principle has served me well in my deployments and other operations. Move forward with technology, tactics and techniques or get left behind.

Community. I am a tactical professional with multiple deployments downrange. Outside work, I have a network of contacts within the tactical community amassed through training, operations and instructing. This is not a zombie, airsoft, gear-head poser blog. All training techniques presented or promoted are tried and tested in the field by Military or LEO professionals. Rarely, will you see a piece of kit reviewed here, that has not been put through its paces. I demand only the highest quality of gear, equipment and instruction for those who serve downrange or on the street. These are my comrades and colleagues; they will never be compromised for simply generating sales.

As a serving member of the Canadian Forces, the opinions and comments expressed in Whiskey Delta Gulf are personal. They do not represent the opinions or policies of the Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence and the Government of Canada.

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