Monday, 29 April 2013

Phase Line Green Tactical Low Light Course AAR

PLGT Low Light Course was conducted at the Rock Cut Range, outside Powassan, Ontario Canada on 20-21 April 2013. The Primary Training Audience (PTA) for this course is the proficient shooter with the need to operate tactically in adverse lighting conditions. While concentrating on consistency of platform and proven tactics, techniques and procedure (TTPs), the course covered daylight and low-light firearms operation, dry-fire and live fire drills. Earl Green, the owner and chief instructor for Phase Line Green Tactical, has over 18 years of instructing tactical operators for multiple police forces and private teams. He draws on his experience in provincial policing and nuclear security teams which included “uniform patrol, uniform supervision, use of force and firearms training, tactical training, tactical operations, specialized training development and delivery, executive protection and criminal investigations.”

Monday, 22 April 2013

Magpul Dynamics Aerial Platform Operations DVD

Everyone knows about Magpul Dynamics DVDs and their “Art of the Dynamic .....”.Travis Haley and Chris Costa kicked off the series with their Art of the Dynamic Carbine and it has grown from there; encompassing carbine, pistol, shotgun and precision rifle. The knowledge and skills passed on in any video will never replace a proper training syllabus directed by a professional instructor. It cannot be denied that Magpul Dynamics has significantly raised the standard of the firearms training film and driving the firearms’ training market into the mainstream. Since then both instructors have struck out on their own: Travis Haley with Haley Strategic and Chris Costa with Costa Ludus.

One of the most unique DVDs produced by Magpul Dynamics has been Aerial Platform Operations.   Normally information only available to specialized military or law enforcement units, this DVD provides the basic structure of helicopter operations. This is video is not just about shooting from a helicopter.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Kühl Pants, tactical crossover...

Kühl Revolvr Pants

Passing through the Dubai International Airport (DXB)in 2006 to 2012 was a parade of 5.11 Tactical models all vying for attention as the various sizes and shapes of contractors made their way to O’Brien’s for their first pint. This lack of discretion extends to other locales as well. I was in an establishment in Bangkok, Thailand having a quiet iced Singha with an expatriate friend. When in walks a ‘farang’ (that is Thai slang for foreigner) with a Thai bar girl under each arm still wearing his 5.11 pants, rigger belt, desert boots and his company’s polo shirt. This kind of dress and deportment does little to maintain a low profile while travelling, whether insertion or exfiltration  from your operational environment. I have not worked the civilian side of the house, yet. Though, in my current employment, I have had to make international movement in civilian attire while moving through areas of known support for our adversaries and in medium to high threat countries. I attempt to keep a lower profile wearing non standard apparel; in an effort to be less of a target for who wish us harm and to distance myself from those who do not.

Monday, 8 April 2013

NEO Adventurers

'Over Shoe and Gaitor rolled into one'

Living in a northern climate, we have to content with not only winter but the slush and melt of spring and the wet, cold of the late fall before the snow really piles up. This weather is too warm for insulated boots and too wet for normal gortex footwear.  Another reality of operational life is limited space to pack gear for every situation. NEO Adventurers solve a lot of those issues.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Eleven 10 Tourniquet Case

A Kydex TQ holster

One of the medical doctrines that we promote on Whiskey Delta Gulf is the placement of a primary tourniquet (TQ) stored in a pouch within the Diver’s Triangle. The Diver’s Triangle is an inverted triangle with the base between the shoulders and the point at the belt buckle. Every operator must keep their tourniquet in an easy access pouch to protect it from UV and dirt that could degrade or foul the tourniquet when needed. This keeps a viable TQ in a position that can be accessed for self application regardless of body positioning. Rapid application of tourniquets to extremity wounds has been proven to drastically reduce combat deaths.