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Make Ready with John Chapman: NVG/IR Skill Builder

Recently Panteao Productions and John Chapman have released: Make Ready with John Chapman: NVG / IR Skill Builder in DVD format. Panteao Productions produces instructional videos taught by proven leaders and instructors within the tactical industry. While video training will never replace a professional applied curriculum under the watchful eye of an instructor, training time and funds are always at a premium. The name of their instructional video series is “Make Ready”; produced in a one-on-one training layout. The videos are available in DVD, Blue Ray and internet streaming format. Panteao is currently planning release of their ‘Make Ready” series for iOS and Android platforms.

Night is another day. In modern combat and tactical operations, adverse lighting conditions can be used to effective advantage by the proper use of night vision and laser technologies. However, technology is a living system. It can provide effective application of tools, equipment and devices to tactical tasks, with proven tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) achieved through a theoretical education and field experience. Those within the system direct innovation within the body of knowledge, practical application and equipment used.  One such innovator, in regards, to TTPs on the employment of night vision and IR laser technology in a tactical setting is John Chapman or “Chappy”.

John Chapman (Chappy), a retired police Lieutenant and a serving reserve SWAT officer, is the founder and Director of Training of LMS Defense. He draws on his long experience as operator and instructor. He has operational and instructor experience in both public sector and private sector working domestically and internationally. A recognized industry leader in the integration night vision and IR laser technology to the tactical operations and self defence, John’s training doctrine is a principle based method. It is centred on owning fundamental skills that work in light and low light conditions in relevant and realistic situations. I have followed John's posting on a few forums for years. As I am Canadian and barred from training in the USA by ITAR, video training is probably the only opportunity I will have to 'train' with John Chapman.

NVG / IR Skill Builder DVD has been set up to be a first step in learning about night vision equipment, IR and visible laser and their application in a tactical setting. The DVD is very comprehensive and information packed. The instruction covered in this DVD includes:

  • mission identification,
  • needs assessment,
  • selecting the right night vision and support gear,
  • NVG pre-mission setup,
  • laser mounting and zero,
  • movement and weapon manipulation under NVG,
  • static and multiple target engagements,
  • IR to white light transitions.

Overall, this DVD was excellent. This is a no nonsense gunfighting video. John Chapman’s instruction is clear, concise and his depth of knowledge and expertise is evident. He makes effective use demonstrators to enhance his explanations and instructions. His personal presentation of skills and drills are filmed in daylight for clarity and then proven by live fire with further elucidation under night vision. John Chapman’s drills under adverse lighting conditions are practiced, smooth and lack wasted motion; setting a high standard for viewers to attain. The Panteao Productions style of one on one instruction is very effective without any added distraction of student’s performance.

However, I disagree with ‘Chappy’ on one point. He states at the beginning of the video that the primary training audience (PTA) is LEO and civilians. Further, he says that the military has access to many high quality instructors and that this video will be of little use to us. I disagree. Due to the operational tempo of the last decade, much of the training ‘kool-aid’ has been diluted to the most basic of instruction. I have received and deployed with only the most basic instruction on ANPVS-14s and PEQ-4s on simple setup and how to change the batteries. After that, a brief 30 rounds ‘famil’ range and out the door. The rest I learned through the school of hard knocks in a combat environment by informal practice or internet research between deployments. I sat down with a buddy of mine, an infantryman and combat veteran of Afghanistan and watch this video. He particularly liked the NVG Pre-Mission Set Up drill and the low light friendly Simple/Complex Stoppage drills. We both agreed that the detailed description of different NVGs, LAM/LADs, mounting systems, lights and strobes was of great value. The ideas promoted in the laser mounting and zeroing would have been good to have before our deployments. NVG / IR Skill Builder DVD covers many subjects that will be an advantage to soldiers and their instructors in preparation to deployment.

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If you are planning the purchase of NVG, IR or visible laser for LEO or civilian use; this video is an excellent place to start. The knowledge presented will save you from making purchase errors and wasting limited training dollars. If you are a soldier or instructor, the training methodology and drills presented make this DVD worthy of purchasing.

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