Monday, 28 April 2014

Medical Battle Packs

At Fort Sam Houston, the Tactical Combat Medical Care (TCMC) course is taught by US Army Physician Assistants to deploying Doctors and PAs. The Battle Pack is one of the many great ideas to filter out of that course.  It has made it way to the Canadian side of the house by my deployment partnered with a US Army PA.

Always check the current CoTCCC or CCCWG 
guidelines for direction on Battle Pack contents.

A single battle pack is sufficient to treat most battle casualties for the first fifteen to thirty minutes. All of the interventions within the packing list are covered by the TCCC /CLS scope of practice. The possible uses for this load out are numerous.

  • This is a simple and effective way to organize your MASCAL supplies; each casualty gets a bag.
  • For more austere missions, you could use it to bump up patrol medical supplies; every second or third patrol member gets a battle pack as part of their special equipment.
  • Tasked as a PSD medic, give one to your principle as an IFAK.
  • Use it to organize your 3rd line bag to resupply TCCC/CLS responders after a casualty incident.
  • During Care under Fire, throw it to a casualty who is under cover but to whom making movement to isn’t tactically unfeasible. 
  • Add one to your Bug Out Bag; you know, the one Emergency Preparedness Canada or FEMA recommends.
  • Going to the range: take a battle pack in your range bag.

Recommended load list pack in a ziplock bag:

This a useful tool to ensure you and those you are caring for have the required gear for lifesaving interventions at all times. Obviously, it should be tailored for your role and skill level. A LEO medic setting up battle packs or "throw bags" to disseminate to wounded civilians during an Active Shooter Response will not have needle decompression kits, but there would be more detailed instruction sheets included. 

Take Care Out There


  1. Solid advice and awesome idea! Going to be making one for my patrol bag aswell as my SAR fast pack.

    1. Just sharing info past onto me. Thank you, please subscribe to the blog feeds.