Thursday, 16 April 2015

Glock PMAG 17 GL9 issues

This information has been shared from the Magpul Industries Corporation official Facebook page. As many of the blog readers may use these magazines for tactical work, CCW or home defence, Whiskey Delta Gulf is sharing this information in the interest of safety.  We have heard rumours that some brands of hollow points have occasional feeding issues. 

Photo courtesy of Magpul Industries Corp

"OK we screwed up.

After initial release of the Glock PMAG 17 GL9 a few days ago we started seeing random issues of failure to feed with the new magazine in other Glock models, primarily the Glock 19 and 26. Of all the challenges of building a Glock magazine with single new composite, issues like drop free, impact strength and feed lip retention were foremost on our mind. The failure to feed came as a bit of a surprise to us and we immediately headed out to the range to investigate.

In short order we found the problem. Without getting into technical details, some small, but critical geometry changes did not make it into the initial production molds. We should have caught this but no failures showed up on our factory guns during live fire testing and flaws in our internal processes of checks/balances did not flag the oversight as it should.

So as I said before, we screwed up and here is what we are going to do about it.

Molds are being updated with the correct geometry as we speak and a replacement magazine body with the correct geometry should be available by May 4th, 2015. These will be date coded 5/15 or later and will replace any magazine bodies in service of earlier manufacture. Just use your existing spring, follower, and floor plate with the new body.

-If you purchased your magazines direct from Magpul, Brownells or Midway, you do not need to do anything, replacement magazine bodies for the magazines ordered (1 for 1) will be shipped to you automatically.

-If you purchased your magazines from a gun store, replacement bodies will be sent out to the store in question for you to pick up.

-If neither of the above works for you then Magpul customer service will handle the replacement directly.

In short, we are updating ALL of the affected magazines released as quick as we possibly can."

Richard Fitzpatrick
President/CEO -Magpul Industries Corp

1-877-4MAGPUL (press 3)

As an industry leader, Magpul has stepped up and has started solving the problem. This is customer service and demonstrate their loyalty to their customers.

Be Careful Out There.

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