Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Stanley Nesting Mug and Water Bottle

The Stanley Nesting Mug and Water Bottle is an inexpensive space saving combo which was assessed over a four month period. This two-in-one system combines a plastic 410 ml (14 oz.) cup and a 1 L (34 oz.) water bottle. In order to save space, the cup is ‘nested’ within the water bottle for storage. Pack or Day bag space is always at a premium. So this is a very interesting benefit.

The double-wall cup kept coffee hot for almost an hour during a cold Canadian winter. This is slightly less than the advertised time but I am sure they were not thinking about -25 to -35 Celsius with their claim. The cup’s lid is screw on with a rubber O-ring seal.  The lid has a flip-up drinking aperture which stays secure until deliberately opened. There were no leaks or accidental openings during this reviewing period. 

The bottle is a conventional BPA-free hard plastic with a wide-mouth, screw-top. The version I have has flatter sides which fits better and more securely into pouches. The water bottle lid is attached by a webbing strap which is secured by tiny metal pins. I see the webbing strap as a liability. In austere environments, this will collect dirt and grime with the chance it will get into your water. I am not so much concerned about a little bit of dirt.  It is the microorganisms that may be on the dirt. The fact that the securing system consists of multiple pieces (4 in total) could increase the risk of failure under impact or physical stress. But, it does have a LIFETIME warranty.

All in all: it is relatively economical space saving option for daily use, hiking, range days and short hauls camping. For serious distance hauls or austere environments, it is a little heavier than I would prefer. YMMV.

Take Care Out There. 

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