Monday, 20 July 2015

‘OODA loop speed training’ with Richard Mason

This Article was published by Mr. Mason in a private training forum. With his permission, I share it here for others. -Whiskey Delta Gulf

Picture provided by DARC

‘OODA loop speed training’ can only occur via myelination of the corpus callosum, frontal lobes and the amygdala combined with an emotional attachment to the information.

There is a full spectrum of “abilities” represented in every one of our tactical classes (a bell curve) but one of DARC’s tertiary training objectives is to maximize the individual’s decision making ability (subconscious competency) via an artificial experience (complex and extended stimulus response and immersion). Everyone arrives with his own baggage; generally speaking some is positive and some is negative (biologically and psychologically). How they handle stress (cortisol levels), emotional intelligence, world-view, self-view, life issues/stressors (debt, death in family, cheating spouse…), maturity, comfort with violence (even types of violence), peer pressure, positive deviant, etc. all have a huge influence.

In other words, some are predisposed or have an aptitude, where others are average and some are below average or life @%$# is just getting in the way of any learning. Just because you want to be a porn star doesn't mean you are physically or mentally equipped to do so… Some people are astronauts while some get turned around and lost at the urinal and think it’s a drinking fountain. "All I see is green..."

Well thought out and layered mechanism have to be in place that are replicable, controlled and that can represent similar (enough?) variables. A good program will accumulate real ability and there are several paths one can use to reach that destination. 

Most FOF training and certification I have observed is one-dimensional (reward vs. punishment) or personality based (make the instructor happy BS) which results in a short-term false positive in the student. If improperly executed, some of that type of training can actually be detrimental and very difficult to correct. 

Creating measurable (therefore physical) OODA speed requires strength, endurance and flexibility just like any other muscle. A good program will have positive residual and lasting effects but just like any muscle it will weaken over time if not maintained. So, there is initial, sustainment and advancement training for your OODA loop too. It’s a journey, not a destination (unless you have a below average ability then you are just @%$#ed).

If you can teach a monkey to fly into outer space and bring a spaceship safely back to planet Earth, then you can teach a human to PID and correctly use lethal force. How do you establish a baseline? How do you measure improvement? How do sustain the capability? Can you fly a spaceship? The problem is always with the human. For example, Obama was elected twice or strawberry flavored sheepskin condoms. 

No matter what, there are three types of people when it comes to combat - those who move to gunfire, spectators and cowards. I #&$%ing hate spectators but can respect the coward. If you are already pre-disposed to move towards gunfire then more than likely you have a biological OODA advantage, low empathy, sociopathic tendencies, high apathy or are just too stupid to realize the situation and want to “see” what is happening. Everybody has a sleestak lurking in the group. 

Sleestaks in The Land of Lost

Yes, it is possible.
It is not easy to do harder to maintain.
It’s not universal.
Some people just can’t be helped.

Richard Mason, Direct Action Resource Center

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