Monday, 19 October 2015

Sling Stowage

A sling is to a rifle what a holster is to a pistol. A good combat sling is a minimum requirement for a functional baseline. During vehicle based operations, a sling can hinder a rapid egress. A loose sling will catch on every corner or hook as you try to debus! Fact. Murphy’s Laws of Combat. Imagine trying to exfil in a rolled over, gear strewn everywhere burning and filled with smoke vehicle.

 You need to streamline your sling but still have it ready for use! Somebody showed me this trick years ago using simple elastics. Honestly, I do not remember the source. It might have been LAV himself.

A video posted by @whiskeydeltagulf on

I like to S-fold (aka fan fold) my Blue Force Gear VCAS and secure it with two 1.5" gear keepers made for me by Echo Tango 308. As you can see in the video clip, it creates a tight package that is rapidly accessible. 

There is NO sound with video.

Take Care Out There.

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