Wednesday, 3 August 2016

CTOMS Emergency Trauma Aid Kit (E-TAK)

A few months ago I ordered a CTOMS Emergency Trauma Aid Kit Base or E-TAK™. Stored in a Ziploc bag, it is perfect to throw in your glove box, range bag or go bag.  As the contents of the kit are fundamental to Tactical Trauma Care, the E-TAK can be used as the basis for building or replenishing kit with in an active team.

The E-TAK can be ordered from the CTOMS Fully Loaded website menu and options customized to meet your training or preferences. There is a base kit which includes:  NuMask® IOM w/Valve; Olaes™ Modular Bandage: 4", Flat Pack; your choice of proven tourniquets:  C-A-T® or SOF®-TT-W. If you wish to expand the E-TAKs contents the Default Recommended Complete Kit contents include the Base Kit with  Celox™ Rapid; a pack of  FoxSeal™;  a pair of large CTOMS™ Gloves,  a couple of Scrubs® Wipes; and a set of Trauma Shears in Mud Hut (Coyote Brown). These quantities represent a recommended kit. The amount of item quantities can be increased and customized further in the “Customize Your Kit”. As an example there are many different options in Hemostatics including Celox™ RapidCELOX™ A-(Applicator)Celox™ Gauze, 5' Z-FoldCELOX™ Granules, 35GCELOX™ Granules, 15G, and QuikClot® Combat Gauze-Z Fold™. Different gloves and trauma shear sizes are another option as well. CTOMS has, also, included the option to add training TQs to your kit (SOF® Tactical Tourniquet - Wide, Trainer, (SOF®-TT-W), Blue and Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T®),Trainer, Gen 7, Blue).. This is a great way to ensure that skill development is maintained within your unit and agency.

I found the CTOMS Fully Loaded menu intuitive and easy to navigate. The Checkout was simple to process. My E-TAK arrived in a timely fashion and was complete to my order. This kit has become the basis for another medical loadout which I will post about at a later date.

The E-TAK reminds me of the Medical Battle Packs I used to produce in Afghanistan and its uses are similar: 
  • A simple and effective way to organize your MASCAL supplies; each casualty gets a E-TAK.
  • For more austere missions, you could use it to bump up patrol medical supplies; every second or third patrol member gets an E-TAK as part of their special equipment.
  • Tasked as a PSD medic, give one to your principle as an IFAK.
  • Use them to organize your 3rd line bag to resupply TCCC/CLS responders after a casualty incident.
  • During Care under Fire, throw it to a casualty who is under cover but to whom making movement to isn’t tactically unfeasible. 
  • Add one to your Bug Out Bag; you know, the one Emergency Preparedness Canada or FEMA recommends.
  • Going to the range: take a E-TAK  in your range bag.
  • Throw one in your glovebox of your cruiser or family vehicle
  • Use them as a basis to restock IFAKs within your unit/agency

The CTOMS Emergency Trauma Aid Kit Base or E-TAK™ is a simple, customizable product that can be order in any required quantity to meet the current requirements of your unit, agency or individual. Once you decide on an E-TAK load out, any number of these kits can be order. They are delivered in a Ziploc bag organized exactly as you ordered. In an operational unit, this represents man hours saved organizing bulk gear into individual kits. Man hours better spent training.

Take Care Out There.

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