Monday, 17 October 2016

Crye Precision WindLiner

The Crye Precision WindLiner is a water resistant, wind breaker that I loving refer to as my ‘Tactical K-Way jacket.'

While there are some similarities to the original 1965 K-Way jacket, this product has so much more. It is made from a well-nigh weightless, Crye MultiCam Epsilon 40D x 40D ripstop with NANO STX™ treatment. This is a wispy but rugged 1.55 oz nylon with a subtle ripstop grid treated at the factory with a liquid DWR which gives it its abrasion resistance, water resistant and windproof qualities. With low temperature laundering with no fabric softeners, the coating is supposedly good for 100 washes. The WindLiner easily packs into its single mesh-lined cargo pocket located on the right hand sleeve. The jacket packed measures 178mm (7") by 152mm (6") and approximately 50mm (2") thick at the widest point. Simply, it will fit in most cargo pockets easily with room to spare. 

Other features include: storable hood; stirrup thumb cuffs; elastic-bound hem; draw cord hem; mesh vented underarms; soft-lined collar with a zipper placket; and a segmented Velcro panels for IFF/IR patches. The Velcro panels were sectioned into two strips to decrease weight and facilitate ‘pack-ability’. 

This jacket is packs up so small and is so light; why wouldn’t you carry it in your range bag or go bag. I have had this jacket for, at least, four years now and have used it while operational, on training venues and as running jacket during that time period. It is not a substitute for rain gear but on operations it has stopped a bitter wind, warded of light morning drizzles and reduced convection/conduction heat loses. With reasonable cleaning precautions, it is still going strong with no fading of the camouflage pattern. Honestly, I have just rinsed off the inside of the jacket after runs and hung it to dry. So it has retained its NANO STX™ treatment.  

It is available in Scorched Earth (Black), Ranger Green and Multicam. It is available in Canada from CTOMS.

Did I mention it came in Multicam? A Crye Precision WindLiner in its natural state!! I love my 'Tactical K Way' jacket!

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