Monday, 7 August 2017

Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen

Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen is produced by The Survival Summit. This production company and survival blog produces a whole series of high quality, relevant, preparedness training videos which are available in DVD, internet streaming or downloadable format.

Before I start this DVD review, there are a few things that need to be disclosed for the sake of fairness. I know one of the owners of The Survival Summit and consider him a good friend. Secondly, while I receive no remuneration for this or further DVD reviews; I did not purchase this DVD or other DVDs from The Survival Summit. As you know already, friendship does not mean a free pass on this blog.

Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen is hosted by David Pruett of AMP-3. David is a practicing Emergency MD and retired USN doctor. This means he is a smart dude. Additionally, he is a licensed technician class radio operator and preparedness expert. His Ham radio call sign is KF7ETX. After the San Francisco Earthquake, he realized that communication was a hole in his preparedness plan.  I can easily say that it is a hole in most people’s preparedness plans. To solve this problem, he became an expert. David Pruett is a knowledgeable lecturer and keeps the concepts simple. His depth of understanding is obvious but he does not bury the viewer in acronyms and heady terms.

Call phones are not reliable in disasters and emergencies. The service can become saturated leading to service failure. Cell towers can be damaged in disasters or sabotaged in an attack creating pockets without coverage. Additionally, cell towers can be turned off by the government or invading forces. This why radio communication is such an important part of any well-rounded preparedness communication plan.

This video is basically divided into two parts: radio communications and preparedness comms setup. The first portion of the DVD covers a basic comms plan, discusses option of unlicensed and licensed communication devices, and how to get a licence. The second portion covers mobility options, EMP proofing, staying operational in a field environment, 12V charging in the field and many more subjects.

Remember to go to AMP-3 website and download the free resources for this video course as well. I am adding David Pruett’s AMP-3 blog to my Alternate Sources menu as well. Please keep in mind, many of the government regulations and fee schedules are different in Canada and other countries as opposed the USA.  

The production value provided by The Survival Summit is excellent as usual. The video is clear and angles precise. The dialogue is understandable with fitting music accompaniment.

Final thoughts

David Pruett keeps it light and interesting. This is a very technical subject. This video is a starting point in solving the communication problem within your preparedness plan. It provides options. This video is not the definitive source for radio communications. David knows that and his intention is to incite interest. He was successful. This is a weak area I need to improve. I highly recommend Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen for your training library. 

This is the third in a series of DVD reviews for The Survival Summit. The next video we will be assessing is Survival Skills.

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