Sunday, 13 January 2019


True North Tradecraft recently published TRUE NORTH TRADECRAFT DISASTER PREPAREDNESS GUIDE in December of 2018. I saw the announcement on social media and contacted them requesting a copy to review. Boris, the owner of True North Tradecraft, replied immediately and offered to send me an early electronic to read and review. I have known Boris for a few years and met him a few times when my work took me to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Regular readers of this blog will know that friendship or personal relationship don’t affect the veracity of our blogs. In fact, we likely judge our friends harder than strangers.

TRUE NORTH TRADECRAFT DISASTER PREPAREDNESS GUIDE is a 79 page booklet. It covers a myriad of subjects for urban survival including,but not limited to, the psychology of survival, hierarchy of needs, clothing, shelter, food, and medical. This is no means an exhaustive list of subjects cover either.

Many survival books become lists of the authors gear preferences which significantly dates the information. Technology and gear advance every year.  The approach of the author, in this case, seems to be covering the general principles of urban survival rather than get bogged down in gear review. This adds to the relevance of this book.

TRUE NORTH TRADECRAFT DISASTER PREPAREDNESS GUIDE is a good introduction to concepts. The conversational style of writing makes it an easy read. It would be a great way, combined with the Emergency Preparedness website, to create some discussion and planning within a family unit were not everyone has relevant experience. This is not the definitive guide to urban survival. That book will never exist. Urban survival is too subjective by geography, demographics and environments.  I have significant experience in the majority of the areas covered in the book and found it to be a great review, even for myself. YMMV, but I think the TRUE NORTH TRADECRAFT DISASTER PREPAREDNESS GUIDE is good place to start your disaster preparation discussion.

My favourite chapter was the psychology of survival and ‘The Seven Sisters of Survival’. Understanding the psychology behind any subject helps us develop a plan, execute the plan, and stay the course. It is the basis of a proper mindset.

A picture is worth 1000 words. The electronic version that I reviewed had no art, pictures or diagrams. Graphical demonstrations help cement principles in visual learners. This may be different in the printed edition of the booklet.

Additionally, the list of websites could have been more robust. There are lots of great free sources of information on the interweb. These could have been included rather than the list looking like the websites of True North Tradecraft’s strategic partners.

All in all, TRUE NORTH TRADECRAFT DISASTER PREPAREDNESS GUIDE is an easy reading introduction to concepts. It will definitely create some discussion at the family dinner table especially when consulting current events around the world.

Available through Amazon in paperback and ebook.

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  1. Thanks WDG for taking the time to read my work and share your thoughts on it. I will be taking all of your comments and suggestions to heart in future updates and editions to this book. I trust my continuing efforts will help some in their preparedness and resilience journey.
    -Boris (True North Tradecraft)