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5.11 Pistol Training 1.5 with Kyle E. Lamb

Mulligan: verb, a Mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action; usually due to lack of skill or bitter luck. A "Do-Over" in Canadian street hockey.

“There are no mulligans in the street” SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb

SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb, author of Green Eyes, Black Rifle; Warrior’s Guide to the Combat Carbine and Stay In The Fight!! Warrior’s Guide to the Combat Pistol has teamed up with 5.11 and Final Cut Media to present 5.11 Pistol Training 1.5 with Kyle E. Lamb. A 21 year veteran of US Army service, 17 years with elements of USSOCOM, Kyle has earned multiple decorations for valor due to his actions in Mogadishu, Somalia and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He brings his years of combat experience and instruction expertise to this video.

“Always be aggressive when out on the range. However; slow down when taking the shot”  SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb

Kyle has a well-developed pistol doctrine that has been honed by years of operational training and experience. He is an automaton when executing drills demonstrating a consistent form and technique. There is effective use of the VTAC Barricades promoting non-standard shooting positions and an emphasis on movement. Kyle uses the tried and true military instruction method of Explain-Demonstrate-Imitate (EDI) which, normally, does not translate well into video. Not so in this case. Using positive demonstration of skills to correct students, constant checking, and regular feedback he reinforces specific techniques or tips for the viewer.  Kyle even used a little remedial physical training, at one point, to rectify a critical student error. You will have to watch the DVD to see what I am talking about.

“If your magazine fails to eject, use the edge of another mag to strip it out” SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb

The DVD is full of excellent Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Interestingly, Kyle teaches a speed reload, along with a slide lock reload and tactical reload. Speed Reloads are not usually stressed in tactical shooting as it is assumed to be a competition only practice. However, it has always been minor part of my personal training regimen. There are rare times when a rapid topping up is required and retention of a partial magazine is not crucial at that exact second. Kyle is not a proponent of returning partial magazines to magazine pouches; rather using a pocket or dump pouch. This is the original doctrine for the retention of partial magazines. Something I have always practiced as well; avoiding ‘The Twinkie Factor” by disciplined load bearing layout. The section on Malfunctions is of particular note. Kyle teaches the proven Immediate Action-Remedial Action procedure but has an element of Diagnostic Stoppages in his drills. He presents a number of challenging drills throughout the DVD culminating with a course of fire called The Scrambler using multiple VTAC Barricades.

VTAC Barricade Dimensions

The DVD production quality is excellent. It has to be as the bar has been set by other tactical firearms companies and their DVDs. The verbal instruction is clear and concise with no environmental background noise. I like the use of text captions, screen shots and graphic overlays to highlight pertinent points. Range setup is immaculate and does not distract from the instruction presented. Expect a lot of 5.11 gear, swag and propaganda during the video but this is no different than other companies’ DVDs. There is a varied skill level with the students participating in this video. Most have some minor training scars from their prior training which is obvious as Kyle strives to improve them. This DVD would be an outstanding addition to any training library. If you have a soldier, LEO or armed professional in your family, this would be a welcome gift at any time of year. Can I look forward to a carbine video from Kyle in the future?

“I don’t golf” SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb

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