Monday, 2 May 2016

Make Ready with Matt Jacques- Fighting From Concealment

Photo courtesy of Panteao Productions

With the increasing prevalence of concealed carry among Americans, CCW courses have become a staple of the firearms industry. PanteaoProductions and Matt Jacques of Victory First have come together to make a “Fighting from Concealment” DVD. First, I did not order this DVD. It was a bonus DVD given to me as part of a sales promotion. Second, I have little experience with carrying concealed other than a few times within an operational setting. I do, however, have some experience with weapon and tactics instruction. So, this review will approach the DVD as a fellow instructor, rather than a prospective student. Finally, I know Matt Jacques from the Primary and Secondary Forum and other social media. We have conversed on social media through threads and private messaging. We share a number of friends, acquaintances and contacts. This does not mean a free ride from this blog.

And Matt would want it that way.


Matt sets up this DVD course with a strong introduction. He prefaces his course of instruction by briefly listing his service, both military and law enforcement, and his real world experience working with concealed weapons. Matt states that this video is about fighting from concealment. I like the mindset message broadcast with this declaration. This was trailed by a sound safety brief which included The Big Four as would be anticipated.

The DVD subjects include “Immediate Action”, “Combat Reloads” (which Victory First name for an Emergency Reload or Slide Lock Reload), “Tactical Reload”, “Multiple Targets”,  “CQB”, “Turn and Shoot”, “Shooting on the Move”,  “Shooting from Cover”, “Strong Hand Presentation”, “Carbine Use”, and “Situational Awareness”.


Matt demonstrates reproducible fundamental drills at medium speed with practiced skill. He explains his doctrine and his manual arms comprehensively and precisely. As all professional instructors are, he is a pronounced proponent of dry practice. Each section has a culmination video to further display the proposed standard further. Matt constantly reinforces the need for skill development and resisting skill fade by constant training. He addresses situational awareness, the Cooper Color System and its importance as a life skill; a very important part of any tactical program.

I do not necessarily agree with all Victory First doctrine. As an example, during “Shooting on the Move,” Matt Jacques teaches engaging while moving backwards. I have practiced this skill and can engage targets effectively on a flat range moving rearward. From experience, combat rarely happens on pristine flat fields clear of debris. Rearward movement is better done at higher speed facing the direction of travel. Engagement is better done aggressively moving into the fight. I am not a fan of combining the two.

The “Carbine Use” section was excellent. This is of particular interest to armed professionals such as LEOs, private security and military doing low visibility operations. I used to do something very similar when providing tactical medical coverage on low-visibility convoys in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Matt Jacques is a knowledgeable experienced instructor who addresses fundamental subject matter with enthusiasm. He can demonstrate his manual of arms skilfully and supports Victory First’s training principles with ample reason. Make Ready: Fighting from Concealment is a worthwhile investment in a video training library.

Take Care Out There

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