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Interview with Milan White-Garnet of Perroz Designs

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When attending the OSTS Ten Year Anniversary, I met Milan White-Garnet and we talked about his products and product line. As a Canadian company I feel he has been wholly underrepresented in the American dominated tactical gear community. Recently, I contact him for a online interview and he agreed wholeheartedly.

Why the name Perroz Designs? What does it mean and why did you choose it?
The name originates from the Pastun language which is predominantly spoken in mountainous regions of southeastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan. The Afghan conflict has played a critical role in the development of gear and has a rich history which interests me. Perroz in Pashto is the word for “the feeling you get after you have been successful in battle.”

Why did you start a tactical gear and accessory company in Canada? What was your inspiration for starting your company?
I was born and raised in downtown Toronto, Ontario. My professional background is in Design - especially Graphic Design. After finding myself frustrated with the corporate culture and bureaucracy of a studio job, I began searching for a new career path. I have always been involved with athletics and shootings sports was part of that. I have always modified and customized my gear when I felt it needed improvements. I also started making hand made Velcro patches which I cut and assembled with an xacto knife. Friends saw some of the custom gear I had made and asked if I could make more. Word spread and I received more and more requests. I saw a business opportunity and Perroz Designs was born.

Talk to me about Hypalon. Why is this such a revolutionary material in tactical design?
A little background info. Hypalon was originally produced by DuPont and is a synthetic rubber. It was originally designed as a high-performance material used for the insulation of wire and the jacketing of cable. DuPont has discontinued making Hypalon material and ended production June 2009. I choose to utilize Hypalon in my products because of its high strength, abrasion resistance and light weight. Perroz Designs is currently transitioning from Hypalon material to HANK (Trelleborg High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar) and Blue Force Gear’s proprietary material ULTRAcomp.

Lighter material are being used more often in tactical gear design, does this mean a reduced operational life span?
Lighter doesn’t always equate to being better. The majority of Perroz Designs products incorporate 500 Denier CORDURA Nylon materials. We feel 500D is the best compromise between weight savings and strength.

I have a Perroz Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier. It is extremely light weight and durable because of the cutting edge materials that you use in production.  There are also a number of generations of this plate carrier. What do you take into consideration when designing new gear or accessories and current product improvement?
Perroz Designs focuses on filling the gap. Our clients requirements are very tangible - we actively test our products in-order to make necessary design changes and refinements. The majority of our customers are Law Enforcement or Military, some of who we have a close relationship with as they actively provide critical, direct feedback.

Do you provide custom services?
Custom projects are the foundation upon which Perroz Designs was built. A large section of our current product offering originally started as a custom user request. All of our products are open to modification and customer specifications. We also accept new custom work on a case-by-case basis.

I see your product used by many companies on Face Book and Instagram. Do you work closely with any industry partners?
Perroz Designs has been very fortunate to work with some truly great industry professionals including Blue Force Gear, Jason Falla of RedBack One Training, and Treadswift Tactical

I know you are heavily involved in the Fighting Arts Collective Toronto or FACT, tactical shooting and tactical simulation.
The Fighting Arts Collective (FACT) is located in downtown Toronto and is made up of a variety of martial arts and fighting disciplines. FACT is a combative martial arts school that specializes in real world solutions, historical context and unconventional fitness programs. There are currently nine schools teaching eight martial arts, weapons skills, several fitness programs and an aerial school - with a host of workshops, events and seminars with local and international instructors. I am currently part of the instructor cadre which teaches firearms based skill-sets. The environment is modular and can simulate everything from house to house, room to room engagements to aircraft and urban environments.

Why not a career in the Canadian Armed Forces or as a Law Enforcement Officer?
I had originally envisioned a full career in the Canadian Armed Forces - but during my application process I could not pass the hearing test portion of my physical exam. I learned that I have hearing loss and could not meet the standards set by the CF. The inability to join was a huge heart-break as I desired to continue my families tradition of serving my country in the armed forces.

How long has Perroz Designs been active?  Where do you see Perroz Designs in 5 yrs? In 10 yrs?
Perroz Designs was founded in 2010. I have always based the company goals on making something happen each and every day, big or small. Conceptualizing and designing - always producing. Perroz Designs long term success will be based on innovating across different disciplines and making new great products. I can never forget to recognize our roots as a company driven by people. We must actively questions how to best serve our customers - while supporting and participating in the community.

Any new release of products in the new year that you want to share?
New projects are always in development - a low profile soft armor carrier is on the to-do list, as well as modular clip-in/Velcro backed magazine placards for varying magazines and caliber options. Keep your eyes on our social media for constant updates and new product releases.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. What are your interests outside of work?
I play ice-hockey several times a week, as well as hit the range whenever I can. I like to be outdoors when I’m not stuck behind the sewing machine and enjoy riding my bike around Toronto.

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This interview was edited and condensed for blog publication

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