Monday, 5 December 2016

The CTOMS Covert Ankle Medical Kit or C-MAK

Not everyone can carry a med pouch in their everyday situation on their body. It is just not realistic. Everyday carry bags can be lost or not on your person during disasters, dangerous encounters and active shooter attacks. On-the-body carry is always preferable to off-the-body. This is why the Covert Ankle Medical Kit (C-MAK) is such a viable option for many people.

Covert Ankle Medical Kit is available on the CTOMS Fully Loaded online menu. The Base Kit comes with Ankle Medical Pouch; and a Tourniquet of your choice: C-A-T® or SOF®-TT-W.  The user can customize their order to their requirements easily on the CTOMS Fully Loaded menu. The Default Recommended Kit comes with Celox Rapid; a FoxSeal; CTOMS Gloves, and Tourniquet of your choice: C-A-T® or SOF®-TT-W. I chose a new SOFTT-W, so I could take advantage of the ITS flat foldingmethod.
The Ankle Medical Pouch was intended for close protection operators or low visibility tasks and others who wear a uniform that does not allow carrying a conventional medical kit. This low profile carry method makes the C-MAK so attractive for civilian every day carry or CCW carriers as well.

“On-the-body carry is always preferable to off-the-body.”

I have been running this kit for over six months now. I have carried it in most everyday situations over that period with obvious exceptions of the times I was wearing shorts. I found the Ankle Medical Pouch to be a secure and comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. The fabric is soft and supple, but offers enough security for quick movement without compromising the pouch contents. The ankle wrap can, also, be used as an improvised compression wrap in conjunction with the Celox Rapid or improvised wound packing. I would recommend using small tabs of adhesive Hook Velcro on the medical gear to enhance securing of the rig for tactical work.
With appropriate selection of trouser cuffs, the C-MAK does not print at all. Even when there was a slight indication of bulge or printing, it went unnoticed. Few people stare at other people’s ankles. At no point in time, during the entire time wearing the Covert Ankle Medical Kit was it ever obviously noticed by a passerby or was I ever question about it by security or LEOs which I engaged in conversation.

As we all know, carrying the kit is useless without the knowledge and training to use it. The C-MAK Default Recommended Kit contents match the skill sets taught in the online Police Officer Down Survival Course perfectly. Additionally, one of the supplementary selections on all the CTOMS Fully Loaded Kits is the option to add a training variants of the the C-A-T® or SOF®-TT-W

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I highly recommend the Covert Ankle Medical Kit for plainclothes LEOs, low profile security operators and anyone who wants to be prepared for very real threats of the world we live in today. It has been a part of my everyday carry for over six months and will remain so unless I find some more awesome.

Remember,carrying medical gear and tourniquets is never illegal. Be prepared.

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