Sunday, 31 December 2017

30 Dec 17 POD Survival AAR

I teach the CTOMS Police Officer  Down Survival course. This is an OPEN registration course. It is broken into two parts: online didactic and skill/scenario practical.  The Practical covers Direct Threat Care, Indirect Threat Care, C-A-T application, SOFTTW application, Wound Packing, Hemostatics, Recovery Position and Chest Seals. I break the Practical into skill stations in the morning followed by scenarios after lunch.

I had seven candidates on this course. Six completed the course. One had to leave before scenarios and will complete at another time.


We contracted Spirit Martial Arts to use their training area. The location was excellent and the staff very helpful. Some of the staff are likely to be candidates on the next course.

Freedom Skwad provided administrative and logistical support. They acted as my training coordinator, invoicing service and catering. This was a lifesaver and allowed me to concentrate on instruction.

Catering lunch and refreshments allowed me to control the flow of the day effectively and stay on schedule. The food was far superior to ordering pizza and soda.

The Yoga Block Packing Simulators were a great success. They performed well and will be reused on the next course.


Posters or graphics to enhance student learning and assimilation of acronyms

Practice/rehearse specific anecdotes to reinforce lessons learned.

Consider moulage but may not be worth the time lost (cleaning up) vs training value. It might be better left for skill development workshops.

Final thoughts

This course went well. Looking forward to instructing the next one.

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