Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cool Guy Tool: Leatherman MUT

I walked into my unit kit shop one day a year or so ago. Perusing the shelves for new stock, I saw much of the same as I saw every time: quick dry field towels, plastic mess kits, single point rifle slings (ewww!), and cool guy tools. I saw a new box on the shelf, a Leatherman MUT.  Having heard about this tool, I purchased it immediately.

The Leatherman MUT is a cool guy tool that has been designed for military, LEO, or civilian shooters. It came with a MOLLE sheath in Scorched Earth and scope adjustment wrench (3/8” and ½”). In one package, like most multitools, it solves many field problems (18 different tools) and will enhance your survivability. However, this tool was specifically designed to support the AR-15/M16/M4/C7/C8 platform. It includes many features to maintain your personal weapon in a field environment including cleaning rod/brush adapter, replaceable firearm disassembly punch, front sight adjustment tool, replaceable bronze carbon scraper and a Bolt Override Tool.  This is not a common stoppage, but it is not a simple one to sort out while in a gunfight. A bolt override stoppage is when a cartridge has wedged itself between the bolt and charging handle. Use the Leatherman MUT  to correct this problem by: remove the magazine, ensure the charging handle is pushed forward and locked in place, use the bolt override tool pull the bolt sharply to the rear until the bolt seats completely into the buffer tube, cant the rifle to the right allowing the overridden cartridge to fall clear of the weapon, load a fresh magazine, ready and get back to work.

It has a lot of the standard features: saw, knife, multi-use pliers, hammer and various screwdriver bits. The interesting innovation of the standard features that stood out is that hard use tool parts are replaceable on this cool guy tool. Wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, cutting hook blades, firearm disassembly punch, and bronze carbon scraper are all intended for easy replacement. Combine this with a 25 year guarantee; you got a cool guy tool that can last a career of hard tactical use. There are, also, multiple accessories available that will allow you to tailor your tool to your weapon systems and tasks:  a Glock disassembly tool, for example.  For the Rickshaw, Counter IED and MoE types, there is an EOD variant that will support those tasks as well as the AR-15/M16/M4/C7/C8 platform.

The MOLLE sheath is well made and durable with a snap webbing strap. This attachment webbing holds the scope adjustment wrench. The sheath has Velcro flap and inner pocket to hold extra bits. My only real complaint is the sheath colours.  Scorched Earth and Mud Hut are the only two colours available.  Yeah, I know a good horse is never a bad colour. I just like MultiCam.

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This tool sits on the line between sustainment and tactical necessity. It will be unlikely that I will be cleaning a weapon during an engagement. However, the bolt override tool, strap cutter, knife and, possibly, the hammer would be useful during tactical work. Due to the latter, this tool should reside on your 1st Line gear or belt kit. At the very least, it should go on your 2nd Line or fighting rig.

Take care out there.

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