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Tactical Belt Review: CTOMS QR 1.5"

The CTOMS QR 1.5” Belt

A climbing rated quick release Cobra buckle
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The CTOMS QR (Quick Release) 1.5” Belt was designed by the talented staff at CTOMS for specific government client intended for tactical work in a foreign theatre.  It is a different take on the traditional 'riggers' style belt with increased rigidity for bearing equipment and the added capability to be an extraction belt, if required. A climbing rated quick release Cobra buckle replaces the old style webbing friction buckle. The Cobra buckle allows for faster donning and doffing of the belt and prolongs service life preventing wear on the running end of the webbing. 

Front and Rear Extraction Loops sewn into the belt
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The belt itself is a single piece of 1.5” webbing folded overlapping two thirds of the belt. Sewn into the side of the belt is a polymer for rigidity and load bearing. At the posterior portion of the belt between the two rigid sides, a loop has been left to allow an extraction carabineer to be clipped should wearer require tactical rescue.  A loop large enough to support an extraction carabineer secures the female side of the Cobra buckle in place. The one third of the belt that is a single piece of webbing is the trailing end used to tighten and fit the belt.

To don the belt, remove the male side of the Cobra buckle, feed the trailing end of the webbing through your belt loops starting on the right side adding your gear in positions desired, ensure the 1.5’ elastic keeper is put on last, rethread the male portion of the Cobra, snap the Cobra buckle together, pull the trailing end to tighten and tuck any excess webbing into the 1.5” elastic keeper.

       A comfortable practical belt with the total mission in mind.
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I have been using a CTOMS QR (Quick Release) 1.5” Belt in Scorched Earth for over two years now. Most belts are either comfortable or practical. Worn almost daily for that time, I found QR 1.5” belt to be comfortable for tactical work and daily duties. In fact, I have found it to be one of the most comfortable belts I have ever owned. As a practical belt for carrying loads, I have regularly carried a loaded 9mm BHP in a Safariland 6004 and two additional magazines in a polymer carrier for the last eight months. I have worn this belt, with approximately two kilograms (4.5 lbs) of weight, while performing tactical operations, convoys and daily work with no binding, folding or uncomfortable pinch points. As an extraction belt, I have only used it in training, thankfully. However, when using extraction slings to drag mock casualties to cover it remained tight. There was no need to adjust my equipment or belt after unhooking from the casualty. This belt is a comfortable practical belt with the total mission in mind.

 Produced with attention to detail, note the stitching,
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This belt was intended for use with combat pants or BDUs. Its role was to provide the operator with a  system capable of carry weapons and equipment for every day carry plus act as an extraction belt, if required. Produced with attention to detail, it has succeeded in this goal masterfully. Now for the sad part, I am not sure if the belt is available for public purchase. Contact for more information. Maybe, they will do a limited edition run…

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