Saturday, 15 December 2012

Returned from deployment, Looking forward into 2013

Afghan Sunrise

This will be my last formal blog post for 2012. There will be a few posts to mark special occasions. I have recently returned from another deployment from Afghanistan and will spend some time with my loved ones and the new gear that have piled up while I was away.  Looking forward to next year, expect the same quality content but a new style for the blog. Just to keep things fresh.

We are working on Youtube videos for vehicle emergency kits, 72 hour emergency kits, two point adjustable sling use, improvised austere medicine, and a few more…

There will be the standard after action reports, recommended reads or viewing, and special comments or occasions. If things work out, we might even get to have a special guest interview or two. Expect more from the additional bloggers as well. Expect more on Sustainment, EDC and low profile gear in 2013. Thank you for your support in 2012.

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Merry Christmas,
Whiskey Delta Gulf

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