Monday, 8 April 2013

NEO Adventurers

'Over Shoe and Gaitor rolled into one'

Living in a northern climate, we have to content with not only winter but the slush and melt of spring and the wet, cold of the late fall before the snow really piles up. This weather is too warm for insulated boots and too wet for normal gortex footwear.  Another reality of operational life is limited space to pack gear for every situation. NEO Adventurers solve a lot of those issues.

I have used my NEO Adventurers for about two years now and have found them to be an invaluable private purchase.  NEO Adventurers are a overshoe that fits over your normal boots or footwear creating a semi-sealed waterproof vapor barrier for your feet, foot wear all the way up to your mid calve region. I say, semi sealed as full immersion over the top of the overshoe will allow moisture in.

NEO Adventurers are made from a robust 500 denier nylon upper with a waterproof barrier which provides excellent protection from water. The sole gives good traction in icy weather; better than most tactical boots. As well, the heel has been designed to be compatible with most modern snowshoes. Constructed of high quality materials, they are lightweight, very sturdy and pack up reasonable small. NEO Adventurers have a well thought out design making them easy to don and doff in field environments. 

I have found them to be easy to clean and maintain, thus increasing their operational lifespan.  Simple mild soap and water scrub and hang to dry. When washing, pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the Velcro strapping and seal. Annually, I treat them with NikkiWax Solarproof to increase longevity.

Please pay close attention to sizing before purchase to avoid disappointment.

My only real complaint is the NEO Adventurers only come in Scorched Earth. I would like to see other colors such as Mud Hut and Original Drab or any combination of those tactical colors.

Take care out there.

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