Monday, 22 April 2013

Magpul Dynamics Aerial Platform Operations DVD

Everyone knows about Magpul Dynamics DVDs and their “Art of the Dynamic .....”.Travis Haley and Chris Costa kicked off the series with their Art of the Dynamic Carbine and it has grown from there; encompassing carbine, pistol, shotgun and precision rifle. The knowledge and skills passed on in any video will never replace a proper training syllabus directed by a professional instructor. It cannot be denied that Magpul Dynamics has significantly raised the standard of the firearms training film and driving the firearms’ training market into the mainstream. Since then both instructors have struck out on their own: Travis Haley with Haley Strategic and Chris Costa with Costa Ludus.

One of the most unique DVDs produced by Magpul Dynamics has been Aerial Platform Operations.   Normally information only available to specialized military or law enforcement units, this DVD provides the basic structure of helicopter operations. This is video is not just about shooting from a helicopter.
This DVD covers a numerous subjects including:
  • Mission Planning
  • Weapon Systems
  • Rigging Helicopters
  • Improvised Rigging
  • Surveillance/Reconnaissance
  • Air Crew Communication
  • Helicopter Weapon Safety
  • Live Fire Exercise
The level of experience of the instructor shows in this training DVD. They are very familiar with weapons selection, rigging, and setup in for aerial support applications. There is far more theory than action in this video. Travis Haley and Chris Costa elucidate their thoughts and doctrine in an easy to understand manner with an essential zeal. The section on expedient rigging of a helo to be used as an aerial support platform is excellent and translates into other operational applications. Additionally, the issues of weapon manipulation and helicopter safety are pertinent area to watch as well. I did benefit from the use of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for specific segments and bonus features. The portion on low light helicopter operations was informative and thought provoking. The main feature has a runtime of 120 minutes. The additional features on the DVD are Night Operations and Helicopter Safety.

The quality of the video, editing and soundtrack was excellent but we have come to expect that from Randori Media and Legion Productions. Even the engagement segments from within the helicopter were comprehensible but still subtitled for ease of understanding. There is lots of Magpul accessories and other high end gear showcased but that is to be expected. It is good kit and kind of a trademark of the Magpul Dynamics crew.
Realistically, my probability of engaging a bad guy from a chopper is pretty slim especially when you consider my role and close air support available. However, with ample time in theatre of operations and regular use of helicopters, my odds are higher than most people who purchase this DVD. It is a reasonable void in my training. But, on the off chance of actually being in that situation, I purchased the video. For professional development, this DVD offers much as an introduction to concepts for operations at tactical level utilizing aerial support platforms; primarily in the topics of preparations, safety and equipment selection.
Take care out there.

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