Monday, 13 May 2013

Make Ready with John Chapman: CQB Shooting Fundamentals

“Evil confronts us when we least expect it; often at very close distances” Chappy

Panteao Productions and John Chapman have very recently released: Make Ready with John Chapman: CQB Shooting Fundamentals in DVD format. Panteao Production produces both documentary and instructional videos. The instructional video series is named “Make Ready”. They provide one-on-one instruction, rather than the sometimes distracting filming of a course that some companies use. Purchasing a ‘Make Ready” video is like owning the didactic/theory portion of a course for you to review at any time. The videos are available in DVD and internet streaming format; soon to be released in iOS and Android platforms.

John Chapman (Chappy) is a retired police Lieutenant and a serving reserve SWAT officer. His operational and instructor experience spans both public sector and private sector working domestically and internationally. The founder and Director of Training of LMS Defense, he draws on his experience as operator and instructor. I have followed John Chapman’s post on various forums for years. My first introduction to his training style, depth of knowledge and pragmatic fundamentals in Make Ready with John Chapman: NVG/IR Skill Builder DVD. Video training does not replace a professionally instructed curriculum under the critical eye of a mentor. But with training time and funds limited, new or innovative training is hard to acquire for those in the profession of arms. Make Ready with John Chapman: CQB Shooting Fundamentals is an excellent addition to your training library.

“We do not go to the range to learn to shoot on a range. We go to the range to learn to shoot people.” Chappy

Chappy defines CQB shooting as engagements at 25 meters and in; broken down into exterior or interior aspects. It is a distance, not a specific mission. The aim of this DVD training is to allow you to train yourself on CQB shooting. He explains training mindset must be driven by your combat mindset. All range training must be centred on building unconscious competence for the fight. With that mindset and skill base, you should be able to develop tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your element. The skills covered in this DVD translate into CCW, uniform patrol, protective details, raid work and beyond.

 “Choose a caliber you can afford to shoot.” Chappy

The DVD chapters on Weapon Selection for CQB, Light and Lasers for CQB and Support Equipment for CQB are information packed. The selections and reasoning presented fit an overall doctrine that support CQB, low light and no light situations. I have one minor disagreement with the Support Equipment presented. While I agree wholeheartedly with John Chapman on the importance of the tourniquet (TQ) and its placement within the Diver’s triangle, a TQ must be protected from the elements and UV radiation. Tourniquets have been proven to degrade to the point of failure when left open to the environment. It must be stored in a pouch or protective case which can be rapidly accessed. These chapters are very much worth scrutinizing and an evaluation of your own guns and gear setup  are in order after viewing.

 "Shooting is ten percent of the gunfight. A fundamental piece.” Chappy

Chappy uses the proven Explain-Demonstrate-Imitate (EDI) instruction method. His depth of knowledge and proficiency are apparent as he thoroughly rationalizes each step of a drill. These step by step clarifications establish the importance of the minute parts of the drill for the viewers. Many of the drills shown are overlapping skill practices concentrating on smooth, efficient movements. This creates continuity and efficiency between skills/drills. This constant repetition is necessity to develop hardwired technique when engagement distances are short and time is life. The drills are safe, effectual and realistic. For operative use of the DVD, ‘pause’ the video and practice each dry skill a few times; thus completing the ‘Imitate’ portion of the EDI instructional technique.

This is a gunfighting video. The information presented is intend to create a base of CQB shooting skills and begin training yourself  Chappy is a excellent orator who uses humorous or solemn declarations to drive a point home.  During the video, he alluded to two future videos: a higher level CQB one and a vehicle tactics one. I would like to see a low light video by John Chapman to compliment the NVG/IR DVD. For the armed professional, get this video and accept Chappy's challenge.

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