Monday, 8 February 2016

5.11 Covrt M4

Not just for M4s

The COVRT M4 is a versatile sling bag, from 5.11 Tactical,  devised as a low visibility option to carry a standard M4 with a collapsible stock. It comes in a few different colour variations: Asphalt (gray)/Black, True Navy (Blue)/Asphalt and Ice (Grey and White with red hardware). None of these colour schemes scream out ‘GUN BAG’.

The main compartment is shrouded with internal foam inserts to protect the firearm and prevent obvious ‘printing’ through the bag lining. A padded muzzle cap in the distal end and an incorporated Velcro retention band keep the firearm safe and secure during movement but do not interfere with deployment. During the assessment period, both a non-restricted Tavor or a RobinsonArmaments XCR with a folding stock were used as testing firearms. They fit these firearms perfectly as their legal overall length is equal to or greater than 660mm or 26 inches. The internal size of the main compartment is  813mm (32”) in height by 304mm (12”) in length and 64mm (2.5”) deep. More than adequate room for these firearms with appropriate tactical accessories.

The shoulder strap assembly is a single sling bag design like skate board or short snow board bags. It can be change from left or right shoulder carry easily. There is a secondary retention strap which with a Fastex buckle split that can be used. I found little use for this. YMMV, but it is a handy option. Additional carry options include two foam padded carry handles: one at the top of the bag and another on the zipper side half way down.

There are two external pockets. The upper pouch is called the R.A.C (Roll-down Assault Compartment). Yeah, I know. The interior has a Velcro pile panel at the top of the pouch for ID patched or badges and organic MOLLE for attaching magazine/gear pouches. The external lid of the pouch has bilateral daisy chains that can be used to attach gear if you so wish. There is a system of elastics and toggle to secure the flap open as well. I used shock cord and 100mph tape to create my own bungee magazine carriers inside this pouch. I have used this system before operationally and found it to be effective.
The larger lower pocket is intended to stow the bulk of your go gear and has been designed to fit a fully loaded 5.11 Tactical Bail Out Bag. My daily load out in the lower pocket includes a trauma kit, casualty extraction sling, hearing protection,  eye protection and my Crye Precision Windstopper (expect an upcoming blog on that product).

This bag has been a constant companion on long drives, stashed in my vehicle during geocaches in austere and remote areas and other places that do not preclude carriage of firearms by law. A responsible firearms owner must obey all federal, provincial and municipal statues as they pertain to firearms use and carriage. It has drawn absolutely no attention. Over the period of six months, it has stood up to almost daily use with no damage or excessive wear. It is a relatively inexpensive option that does not scream out "GUN" like some 'covert bags'. YMMV as I have not used this bag operationally.

Take Care Out There

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