Monday, 7 March 2016

Surefire P2X Fury

Ultra-High Dual-Output LED Flashlight

Please Note: Since the time I purchased this product, Surefire has increased the high output range of the PX2 Dual Mode to 600 Lumens over 500 Lumens.

Dual Mode Fury P2X Vital Statistics 

 • Output / Runtime: High 500 Lumens / 1.5 hrs - Low 15 Lumens / 46.0 hrs

 • Tactical Runtime:1.5hours (Runtime until output drops below 50 Lumen)

 • Length: 137mm (5.40") 

 • Bezel Diameter: 35mm (1.37")

 • Body Diameter: 25mm (1.00") 

 • Weight with 2 CR123 Batteries: 162g (5.7oz)

Method of Operation

Press tailcap push button for momentary or click for constant. Once for low output (15 Lumens) or twice within 2 seconds for high output (500 Lumens).

The PX2 Fury has a Lockout Tailcap to avoid unintentional initiation during storage or carry. Simply, rotate the tailcap counterclockwise until the press button will not activate. Deactivating the lockout is, simply, the reverse. Rotate the tailcap clockwise until the press button activates the light.


The selection of the Dual Mode over other available Fury models was deliberate and based upon my current profession, As a medical professional, I will use a flashlight more in my day to day activities for non-emergent patient assessment. As a tactical medical responder, a handheld light may be used to assess pupillary response. To do so with 500 Lumens would be cruel. Funny but cruel. The majority of other tactical medical work will be done via helmet light or vest light. This flashlight will be used primarily in a patient/casualty assessment role.

As a tactical medical responder, I may be required to assist tactical operators searching and be a participant in gunfights. Additionally, this light will be carried in a Every Day Carry role for self defence applications. A high output light in a necessity in tactical operations and self defence. These are the secondary roles for this flashlight.

The selection of PX2 over the PX3 was based on ease of carry in uniform pockets.

I have owned and used many Surefire products during my career and have always been satisfied with their performance and durability. I have used them personally and operationally for well over a decade and have had few if any issues especially with switch to LED bulbs over buffered incandescents bulbs. Incandescent bulbs were more sensitive to the physical damage of daily operations. The PX2 Fury was no different in quality and performance. It was a dependable light for daily use and everyday carry. It has been used in its primary role for patient assessment and secondary role as a self defence tool for over six months now. 

One thing, I have noticed, it the light will run at high output and then lose brightness rapidly once the batteries are near their lifespan. Always have fresh batteries before stepping off on an operation. Having extra batteries stashed in your go-bag and day bag is a reality of operational life.

Testing the Fury PX2 in a realistic urban environment at dusk. The garbage bin was approximately 8-10 metres (26-32 ft) away. 

Testing the  Fury PX2 in an realistic suburban environment at night. Last night, we illuminated a fence line in a large backyard which was approximately 20-25 metres (65-82ft) away. Not an unreasonable task for LEOs or homeowners. 

Testing Fury PX2 in an realistic urban setting at night. Last night, we illuminated a car in a outdoor parking lot with significant 'light pollution' from other sources. It was approximately 20-25 metres (65-82ft) away. A very realistic task for LEOs. As you can see, 500 lumens will illuminate the driver seat well enough. But, 1000 lumens would have been better to blast past the 'light pollution' to dominate the situation and provide superior PID. The PX3 Fury would have been more suited to this task.

Testing the Fury PX2 Dual Mode at the York Redoubt while geocaching. Clearing through ruins or subterranean tunnels is pretty standard in an military operation or urban search and rescue. No 'flashback' in these close quarters. The wall textures distorts the light cone. 15 lumens was sufficient for navigation. But, if you want to really see something, burn it down with 500 lumens.

All of these pictures were taken at night with Fury Dual Mode using the 500 lumens setting as the only light source. No ambient or other light sources.

There has been much controversy over whether or not there is such a thing as 'too many lumens'. From some experience, I have been in a situation when I wanted to see LESS!  Many people have stated that greater than 200 lumens indoors will cause backsplash. This backsplash supposedly will blind you.  Simply by using specific techniques, we can splash light off architecture and gather required data. Please, take the time to watch this excellent video on Handheld Light Techniques by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics.

All in all, the Fury PX2 Dual Mode has more than met the high standard we have come to expect from Surefire. You will be more than satisfied with the performance you will get from this product.

I would recommend that for you are tasked primarily in a tactical role, whether LEO or military, to consider the P3X Tactical. 1000 lumens are better than 500 lumens.

If you are purchasing this light for self defence purposes only, consider the PX2 Fury Tactical, the E2D LED Defender, or the EB2 Backup LED as well. They have similar output and performance but different size and weights.

Take Care Out There.

Please Note: Since the time I purchased this product, Surefire has increased the high output range of the PX2 Dual Mode to 600 Lumens over 500 Lumens.

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