Friday, 10 February 2017

Improvised MOLLE Drop Panel

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine showed me this trick. I thought it was an excellent example of ingenuity and improvisation that should be shared. I stumbled across the pictures on my computer this week and decided to finally write a blog about this improvised MOLLE Drop Panel.

I am a huge proponent of drop panels over sub loads for various reasons. The primary being a drop panel puts gear at the normal resting hand position. Sub loads tend to put gear below that sweet spot and you start to get the "SWAT Dance' going on. There are a number of excellent drop panels available on the market including the HSGI Leg RigCTOMS MOLLE Drop Extension Panel or the CTOMS MOLLE Drop Extension Panel- Duty Belt. But, there are times when the mission changes unexpectedly and you may not have A) time to order new gear and/or B) you are remotely located and cannot get new gear. 

My friend used one of the Side SAPI MOLLE Plate Pouches from his Blue Force Gear LMAC and fashioned it into a MOLLE Drop Panel.

This is simple method is remarkably low profile and can facilitate any number of different configurations. Using even slimmer pouches like BFG Ten Speeds, it could be worn under a suit jacket or cover garment easily.

I like how it is easily removeable as it uses Velcro to secure itself.

The SAPI Pocket proper can be used to store thin or compressible gear as well. This setup is not limited to this style of Side SAPI pouch either. Many of other companies 6X6 pouches lend themselves to being put into service as Improvised MOLLE Drop Panels.

Just a simple solution that I thought worthy of sharing and adding to the toolbox. 

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