Monday, 27 February 2017

SJ Hardware 12 Gauge Magazine Tube Clamp +3 Slot Rail

A few months ago, I received a gift basket of shotgun parts for my Benelli M4 Tactical from SJ Hardware. For the sake of clarity, I will disclose that I have known the owner of SJ Hardware for over a decade and consider him a friend. Additionally, the product was provided to me free of charge with the promise I would be honest in my assessments. As my regular readers know, friendship is not a free pass on this blog. This is the third in a series of articles assessing this collection of aftermarket accessories.

SJ Hardware 12 Gauge Magazine Tube Clamp +3 Slot Rail

Any firearm used for tactical or defensive purposes requires proper light. Period. The moral and legal imperative for positive identification before using lethal force is undeniable. We use tactical lights to identify threats and non-threats, not as an aid to aiming. The SJ Hardware Shotgun Magazine TubeClamp + 3 Slot Rail is a viable solution for mounting a tactical light to your shotgun. 

The SJ Hardware Shotgun Magazine TubeClamp + 3 Slot Rail is a machined aluminum barrel clamp with 3 slot M1913 rail coated in Mil Spec Type III Hard Anodized finish.

The SJ Hardware Shotgun Magazine TubeClamp + 3 Slot Rail  is crafted from 6061T6 aluminum which is known for it’s excellent joining characteristics and acceptance of protective coatings. This aluminum combines relatively high strength with good workability and high resistance to corrosion. It is commonly used in aircraft fittings, camera lens mounts, marine fittings hinge pins, brake and hydraulic pistons, and bike frames.

The M1913 rail or Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913 rail) is a bracket that provides a standardized mounting platform consisting of rails with multiple transverse slots. It is very similar to the earlier commercial Weaver rail mount. The 1913 rail system is superior due to its more prominent angular segment originally designed to support heavy weapon sights such as earlier generation NVDs. It has become the industry standard due to NATO standardization agreements.

The SJ Hardware Shotgun Magazine TubeClamp + 3 Slot Rail coated in Mil Spec Type III Hard Anodized finish. Aluminum Hard Coat Anodizing is analogous to standard anodizing as both are controlled electrochemical methods. The primary distinction is hard coat anodizing provides the coated surface with superior wear resistant and much smoother and harder surface than ordinary anodizing. Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum provides greater corrosion resistance, improved lubrication, enhanced wear and abrasion resistance. 

SJ Hardware states on their website that it fits the Browning BPS police, Remington 870, 1100,1187, Mossberg 500 7 shot, Winchester 1200, 1300 7 shot, Norinco/Hawn HP9, the Pardner 18" and the Benelli M1,M2 and  Super Black Eagle. I can confirm it works on the Benelli M4 as well.

The kit comes with 3M High Heat Tape pads that are meant to go under the clamp arms. I originally did not use these and the barrel clamp shifted under the heavy recoil of rapid fire 12 gauge shotshells. Once I applied the 3M High Heat Tape pads, the barrel mountclamp did not shift anymore. I highly recommend mounting the clamp using this product.

The SJ Hardware Shotgun Magazine TubeClamp + 3 Slot Rail provides solid mounting platform for my Surefire M600 Ultra Scout Light. This provides me with 500 Lumens of piece of mind on my shotgun.

It is requires no gunsmithing and is easy to mount.

The price: $54.99 CAD.

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