Monday, 20 February 2017

SJ Hardware Benelli M4 Combat Charging Handle

A few months ago, I received a gift basket of shotgun parts for my Benelli M4 Tactical from SJ Hardware. For the sake of clarity, I will disclose that I have known the owner of  SJ Hardware for over a decade and consider him a friend. Additionally, the product was provided to me free of charge with the promise I would be honest in my assessments. As my regular reader know, friendship is not a free pass on this blog. This is the second in a series of articles assessing this collection of aftermarket accessories.

Benelli M4 Combat Charging Handle

The factory charging handle for the Benelli M4 Tactical is simply a short rod of tool steel with a spindle. It works but offers little surface area to grasp when manipulating the bolt under stress or adverse lighting conditions. With gloves, it can be harder to manipulate. These are everyday realities for a combat shotgun.

No matter what you have been told; size matters! The SJ Hardware Benelli M4 Combat Charging Handle is a massive! This size translates into ease of manipulation under stress, under adverse lighting conditions and/or wearing gloves. I found it extremely beneficial for Select Slug drills which relies heavily on solid charging handle manipulation.

The SJ Hardware Benelli M4 Combat Charging Handle is precision machined from O1 tool steel to provide the correct weight and balance for reliable, trouble-free operation. O1 tool steel enjoys high hardenability and wear resistance, with standard toughness and heat softening resistance. ‘O’ stands for oil quenching this refers to the hardening process. O1 tool steel is typically used in industrial dies, punches, pins and machine parts. The SJ Hardware Benelli M4 Combat Charging Handle is coated in a gas nitride finish which further increases wear-resistance, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance. It is made in Canada. 

Similar to the factory charging handle this is a drop in part with no gunsmithing required.

SJ Hardware has a variant for the M1, M2 and M3 Benelli as well.

The price: $29.99 CAD

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